My quest to build a High End Pooltable

My gift to the Billiards Community

05/04/2000As promised here is the website on my quest to build a table... This weekend I go to pick up my slate. I called around to several places, from slate quarries to table manufacturers looking for a 9 ft 3 piece slate. The reason you get the slate first is you need to know where everything lines up. The prices I came up with for a new 9 ft 3 piece slate range from 500-1100 bucks. In my quest I came across a used slate that cost 250 bucks. It is a 1 inch slate that had never been played on because the table that it was installed on was a store demo. It took me 6 months to find my used piece of slate. I could have bought new right away but then again the hunt was half the fun.
I also have lined up the legs for the table. Adams Wood Supply has ball and claw type billiard legs for 56 bucks a leg, solid mahogany. They have a nice web site with a online catalog. They also have pre-made layered poplar rails for $24 per rail (need 6). These are the profiles that were in the Fine Woodworking magazine article "How to build a table", which if you are reading this you know what I am talking about. So now starts the running total of how much I spent to build my own table... By the way if anyone wants me to finish my table faster, email me and I will give you my address for you to send me money ... The next installment will be coming in 2 weeks when I get the poplar slate liners...
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