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12/28/2000- This is going to be a quick entry because I want to put the whole section on stretching the cloth into one page. That way it will make it easy to follow if someone wants to use it as a reference.

We do our final cuts on the blinds today. Depending on what type of pocket shield you have will determine what type of end you will cut on your blinds. If you have a the fringe for a shield on the pocket then you will cut the end of your blinds straight. Where as if you have a standard leather shield you want to cut them in an curved pattern so you are able to attach the shield to the blind. Measure from the inside of the groove in the rail to the bottom of the slate liner and add 1 1/4 inches to that dimension that will give you the height of your blind. For the width take the length of the rail and subtract 1/4 of an inch. This will give you enough room to play with when installing the blind. And don't worry about it not being flush with the end. The shield will cover the missing 1/8th of an inch that is not there. For the curved pattern at the end you want it to start around 1/2 of the way down the blind so the last 3/4 is curved. It should be around 1/2 to 1 inch longer on the bottom of the blind than on the top or an overall 2 inches wider if you consider both ends. Once you get both ends cut, sand and stain the blinds and let them dry someplace else because you are about to make some dust.

Lets get ready to finish the slate for the cloth and get going...

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