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Building the rails and ripping them to width

12/06/2000- Today we start to build the rails. This is probably the easiest part of the table. Enjoy it because the next entry is going to be the most critical. So lets get started. Take your 1 x 6 mahogany and glue it to the rail using the tight bond. You want to make sure that you put an ample amount of glue on the subrail and clamp it to the flatest surface possible. The slate makes a great base for this. Clamp it in several locations on the rail. That way you will have no voids in the rail. If you do you will hear a high pitched thud when you tap on the top of the rail and it will not be as strong. You also want to clamp across the rail to pull the subrail against the mahogany. To do this take the angle iron that we used to clamp the corners of the frame and put it on the edge of the subrail where the cushion goes, that way you will not be putting pressure on the softwood nose of the subrail. Let it sit for at least 3 - 4 hours depending on the temp in the room. Do this with all 6 of the rails. The pictures show how to clamp and how tight the seam must be on the feather strip. If you have it too far back your feather strip will be too loose and will fall out. You do not want this because you cloth will fall off your rail.

Now that you have glued all of your rails you want to rip the excess mahogany off the rail. Depending on what type of design you want on your rails determines what width the rails are. I am just going to go with a straight routed edge so I cut mine with a 4 1/4 inch rail. So I set up my table saw to rip a 5 1/2 inch board and ran each rail through. Next week we will cut the ends and drill the pocket ear holes. See you then...

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