This website is of the pool table project that was featured in the January, February, and March 2001 Issues of Billiards Digest.

Billiards has always been a passion of mine and this is my way of paying back to the sport that has given me so much fun.

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Construction of the table.

*      05/04/2000- Buying the slate

*      05/18/2000- Buying the mahogany and poplar

*      06/18/2000- Cutting the wood and miter measurements

*      08/07/2000- Sanding and gluing the frame

*      09/16/2000- Carving the legs and building the support.

*      10/15/2000- Horizontal supports.

*      11/06/2000- Vertical supports

*      11/18/2000- Installing the slate liner, cutting the pockets, leveling the slate.

*      11/26/2000- Drilling the holes for the slate, final shimming, sealing the seams.

*      12/06/2000- Building the rails and ripping them to width

*      12/13/2000- Building the rails, Drilling the pocket ear holes, measuring and cutting the rails.

*      12/23/2000- Drilling the rail mount holes in the slate. Continuing the rail work

*      12/26/2000- Cutting the angles for the pockets. Gluing the cushions on the rails

*      12/27/2000- Finishing the rail work, staining and inserting the sights

*      12/28/2000- Completing the blinds

*      12/29 - 12/31/2000- Getting the slate ready for cloth and Completing the Table.

What is it going to take

*      Expenses- How much is this going to cost me?

*      Drawings- What are the dimensions of that again?

*      Contacts- Who do I need to call?




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